Suzuki GSX1100 turbo EFI



            Bike:                           Suzuki GSX1100E '83

            Engine:                       1074cc, air-cooled, in-line four, 16-valves

            Engine modifications: Up-rated oil pump gears (GSX750), rebuilt clutch hub with stronger back plate

            Compression ratio:    Stock (~9.5:1)

            Turbo:                        Garret GT1749V (VNT) from 130hp Golf TDI, external waste gate

            Boost:                        0.5 - 0.6 bar (7 - 8 psi)

            ECU:                           Megasquirt, PCB completely re-designed for SMD components, ignition control, knock sensor interface,

                                                EGT measurement, etc. MSnS-extra software

            Throttle bodies:          From  Kawasaki GPZ1100, 4 x 34mm

            Injectors:                    270cc/min. impedance 2.5Ω

            Fuel pump:                  Mallory 4060FI

            Pressure regulator:    From Kawasaki GPZ1100, modified for higher pressure (3.3 bar)

            O2 sensor:                   Innovate LC-1 wideband

            Ignition:                       Controlled by Megasquirt, 3.0Ω "green" Dyna coils

            Suspension, brakes:   Front forks, wheels and brakes from GSX600F, Wilbers rear shocks


Some project pictures



Headers and exhaust


Plenum and feed pipes

Turbo lubrication

Clutch and GSX750 oil pump gears

Megasquirt controller box - "motorcycle edition" and crank trigger wheel for the ignition


Ready for first test ride

"Finished" project




Old EFI conversion pictures

 EFI conversion story in Finnish