Megasquirted Suzuki GSX1100E

EFI conversion for Suzuki GSX1100 - short English summary


            Bike:                           Suzuki GSX1100E '85 (known as GS1100 16V in U.S.A)

            Engine:                       1074cc, air-cooled, in-line four, 16-valves

            ECU:                           Megasquirt, PCB completely re-designed for SMD components

            Throttle bodies:          From  Kawasaki GPZ1100, 4 x 34mm

            Injectors:                    From Kawasaki GPZ1100, flow rate 200cc/min. impedance 2.5Ω

            Fuel pump:                  From Kawasaki GPZ1100

            Pressure regulator:    From Kawasaki GPZ1100, pressure 2.5bar

            O2 sensor:                   Bosch, heated narrow band

            Ignition:                       Stock


Some pictures:


Throttle bodies and air filters



Power curves before and after

Comments and questions:                                                                                                                 

Project story in Finnish (more pictures)

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